Andreas Blitz was appointed research scholar in the Mobility Research Working Group at the Institute for Human Geography at the Goethe University Frankfurt in January 2018. He graduated in Geography from this same Institute, after studies focused on mobility urban geography and geo-information systems. In the framework of the IDS LOEWE Research Cluster, he cooperates with scholars at three other universities in the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region on the development and evaluation of design approaches apt to promote sustainable mobility. His PhD research focus is the effects of design-related interventions in the mobility field.

PhD Thesis (Summary)

IN 2021, Andreas Blitz completed his thesis on the effects of various design interventions on mobility behaviors. Empirical analysis of the influence of spatial structures and the design features of specific mobility products as well as of the interventions made with them serves to ascertain which measures promote multimodal, sustainable mobility behaviors. The theoretical foundation for this work is socio-scientific behavioral research methodology.

Tasks within project–

Andreas Blitz is a research scholar in the SOCIETY Research Subcluster.


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