Proposed PhD Thesis (Summary)

Andreas Gilbert is writing his PhD thesis on “Influencing Mobility Behaviors by Linking Incentive Systems and Digital Apps.” The goal is to ascertain, whether incentives of any kind can modify mobility behaviors. First, a concept is being developed for integration of the incentives system in a Serious Game. The latter is to be used in trials with target groups whose mobility behavior will be documented in parallel. The ensuing data, along with the findings of online surveys and in-depth interviews, will ultimately be analyzed in order that conclusions on behavior modifications might be drawn. The causality of the incentives system is hereby the primary focus. The entire project is being executed in close cooperation with the Multimedia Communication Lab at the TU Darmstadt.

Tasks within project–

Andreas Gilbert is a research scholar in the TRANSPORT Research Subcluster and vice-spokesman for all the research scholars on the IDS LOEWE Research Cluster.


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Research Group New Mobility
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