Curriculum Vitae

Annalena Kluge, a research scholar at the Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics in the Design Faculty of the HfG Offenbach since 2014, has among other things played a pivotal role in acquiring funding for this LOEWE Research Cluster.

Kluge graduated in Product Design from the HfG Offenbach in 2013 and began work there on her PhD thesis in 2018. Her primary R&D focus is to devise a pilot framework for the presentation of recommendations on planning, design, and operations. This pilot framework will sustainably promote the representation and presentation of parameters for the user-oriented design of mobility spaces.

Proposed PhD Thesis (Summary)

In addition to qualitative improvements to mobility spaces, Annalena Kluge numbers the delivery of intermodal mobility chains compatible at all the relevant levels among her declared research objectives. This is a major design challenge and a key issue for mobility design.

Fundamental and viable criteria for the conceptual development of a design- and mobility-specific pilot project are showcased in a diverse spectrum of manuals, guidelines, and design principles. Now, however, digital formats, media, and the various opportunities they afford for visualization are likewise required in order to fully exploit the pilot framework’s structural, nodal, and compatibility potential, which design processes to date have largely overlooked.

Tasks within project–

Annalena Kluge is a research scholar in the DESIGN Research Subcluster.


Faculty of Design
University of Art and Design Offenbach am Main