Marianne Halblaub Miranda is a research scholar at the Urban Design and Planning Unit, Department of Architecture at TU Darmstadt.

After graduating in Architecture and Urban Planning from the TU Darmstadt in 2013, Miranda began studying for her PhD there in 2016. Her research focus is user-centric urban development and the influence of the built environment on user behaviors and perceptions. One abiding interest is how urban planning and urban design might effectively incorporate current research on the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Miranda also co-edited an urban development scheme on Universal Design and Access for All.

Current research projects (selection), in addition to project–

  • PREHealth, an EU / DAAD–Erasmus + project that investigates urban green spaces and how users’ wishes and needs could become the linchpin of planning in ways that would optimize benefits to their health and wellbeing
  • Third Places,cooperative research with industry partners into enhancing user experience (UX) in shopping malls
  • MoMe, a context-aware mobile application developed as a research tool for the evaluation of urban spaces and monitoring of users’ perceptions and behaviors
  • Active Learning Spaces, in denen das Ziel verfolgt wird, den Einfluss von Schularchitektur auf das gemeinschaftliche Lernen, die körperliche Aktivität und das Wohlbefinden von SchülerInnen besser zu verstehen;

Tasks within project–

Marianne Halblaub Miranda is a research scholar in the CITY Research Subcluster.


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