As part of the LOEWE research cluster “Infrastructure – Design – Society”, employees of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences organized a final workshop with the long-running focus group of on September 08, 2021. The organization and moderation of the meeting was done by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Petra Schäfer and Nicole Reinfeld.

The event served as a final reflection on the projects that were carried out with the focus group. The five participants took the opportunity to exchange ideas and give feedback to the project members about the projects. The compiled points were compared to the results of the online final survey and were a helpful addition for the future design of the collaboration within ReLUT, the Research Lab for Urban Transport at Frankfurt University. For this purpose, feedback on past events as well as wishes for future actions and topics were collected.

The workshop ended with an informal conclusion with Spundekäs and pretzels with the possibility for open discussion.