23 October 2020 – In the context of the LOEWE research cluster “Infrastructure – Design – Society”, traffic planners from Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences rode along two Offenbach cycle streets with seven people for a focus group test on 16 September. The streets Taunusstraße and Senefelderstraße, which have different road markings, were tested. In 2019 the team of the Offenbach University of Design in the LOEWE research cluster in cooperation with the “Bike Offenbach” project of OPG Offenbach had developed new markings that were implemented in spring 2020 in Taunusstraße.

The participants were now asked to first express their first impressions when riding the cycle streets. Afterwards, the rules applicable to cycle streets were explained to them. After another ride through the streets, the participants then reported what they already liked about the design and where they saw a need for change.

The concept of cycle streets is still new to many road users, so the participants also wanted to be better informed about the rules. They also felt that uniform rules for the design of such roads would be useful. So far, cycle streets look different from municipality to municipality. At the new markings in Taunusstraße, the too little contrast between the blue stripes at the edge of the road and the asphalt was criticized and it was suggested to reinforce this contrast with additional white markings.Fokusgruppen-Test von Offenbacher Fahrradstraßen