11 May 2020 – The reconstruction work has begun – Taunusstraße becomes a cycle street. As part of “Bike Offenbach”, a project of the OPG Offenbacher Projektentwicklungsgesellschaft, the network of cycle streets in Offenbach will be expanded in the coming years to promote cycling. To this end, road markings will now be applied in Taunusstrasse to take account of the needs of cyclists. For this purpose, drafts will be implemented that were developed by the team of the HfG Offenbach within the LOEWE research cluster IDG / project-mo.de and tested on Senefelderstraße: The Working Group on Mobility Research at the Goethe University in Frankfurt included different variants for comparison in its questionnaire during a detailed sociological survey of residents. In Taunusstrasse, a dooring zone is now marked in blue to indicate the swiveling range of the doors of parked cars, which is dangerous for cyclists. In addition, the beginning and end of the cycle street is made clearly visible to all users by red, diagonally closing areas and new pictograms. The Hessische Rundfunk also reports on this.

The designer Janina Albrecht (HfG Offenbach / project-mo.de) has compiled these and other, further reaching designs in a documentation.