December 3, 2019 – The research project “InterMoDe – Design of the municipal intermodal mobility system: Development of a comprehensive design concept for the integration of intermodal mobility into the municipal transport system”, which was conceived by the city of Offenbach am Main in cooperation with the HfG Offenbach/Designinstitut für Mobilität und Logistik, has received a recommendation from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research for the development of a design concept (2020). The aim is to promote the acceptance of intermodal mobility among users and to integrate walking, cycling, public transport and sharing services coherently into the municipal transport system. At the same time, new models of cooperation between science, civil society and industry will be tested. The funding for the HfG Offenbach amounts to about 35,000 EUR, the project management for the HfG lies with Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler and Prof. Peter Eckart.