Design student Annika Storch has developed LINE 39, a project that addresses the issue of public transportation during the COVID 19 pandemic:

LINE 39 is a dynamic light projection. The interactive line grid is designed for busy stations during times of pandemic and can help travelers on the platform maintain the proper safe distance from others. It responds to all people on the platform and curves around each person at a distance of 1.5 meters. Condensing lines indicate when passengers are getting too close. This gives passengers direct feedback on what space is available to them at that moment and what area should be given to other travelers.

The aim of LINE 39 is not only to warn passengers at an early stage, but also to protect them, to give them back security and, above all, confidence in the public transport system.

Currently, the project can be seen in the analog and virtual anniversary exhibition of the HfG Offenbach in the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Frankfurt.

Here you can test the simulation on your own computer:

The project was created in the summer semester 2020 in the semester project “…and now?” against the background of the use of public transport during the Corona pandemic.

Supervisors: Prof. Peter Eckart, Dipl.-Des. Julian Schwarze, Dipl.-Des. Daniel Rese