Proposed PhD Thesis (Summary)

Gladys Vasquez Fauggier is writing her PhD thesis on “Urban Design Strategies to Support Active Travel among Parents of Infants.” The background to this topic is the idea that the process of “becoming and being a parent” has a significant impact on a person’s mindset and activities (e.g. an increase in active travel). Accordingly, the thesis is mainly devoted to the analysis of physical active mobility in relation to the urban or metropolitan environment of persons with . Qualitative methodologies and analyses of geographical data pertaining to urban space will be used to clarify the following issues:

  1. The active travel status of parents of infants in the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region, Germany
  2. Effects of active travel on the sample groups under analysis
  3. Urban design strategies and guidelines for the promotion of active travel among parents of infants in urban environments.

Tasks within project–

Vasquez Fauggier is a research scholar in the CITY Research Subcluster and a member of the Mobility Design Graduate Colloquium.


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