University of Art and Design Offenbach

The DESIGN Research Subcluster develops various visual representations of mobility spaces. It also analyzes the user-centric design of public mobility spaces.

With this Research Subcluster, the HfG Offenbach is amplifying its focus on mobility-related design. It can thereby build on its many years of research and project development in the mobility field, which are amply attested by the Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics (DML) as well as by numerous educational programs, publications, cooperative ventures, conferences and exhibitions. [eMail].

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences

The TRANSPORT Research Subcluster of the New Mobility Working Group at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences investigates means of identifying the mobility behaviors and requirements of specific target groups. [eMail]

TU Darmstadt

Two Research Subclusters at the Technical University Darmstadt pursue innovation in mobility design.

The TECHNOLOGY Research Subcluster of the Multimedia Communications Lab is developing “Sliced Serious Games” to support multimodal mobility behaviors. [eMail]

The CITY Research Subcluster of the Urban Health Games Working Group and the Design and Urban Development Program is investigating which urban factors influence multimodal mobility behaviors. [eMail]

Johann Wolfgang Goethe-University Frankfurt

The SOCIETY Research Subcluster of the Mobility Research Working Group at the Goethe University Frankfurt develops socio-scientific analyses of the multimodal mobility behaviors of various target groups, primarily with a view to changing such behaviors. [eMail]