The IDS LOEWE Research Cluster,

The aim of the IDS LOEWE Research Cluster, “Infrastructure—Design—Society,” is to examine issues of individual mobility in interaction with public transport (transit) systems and their attendant infrastructures (mobility infrastructures). The four research partners are accordingly developing concepts for the promotion of multimodal, environmentally friendly mobility behaviors. A user-oriented approach rooted in the design of interactive technologies and services fosters the development of both specific and mobility-oriented design methodologies. Design research focuses in essence on emotive aspects of public perceptions of the available mobility systems, for its aim is to positively influence users’ attitudes and behaviors. Our Research Cluster therefore explores concepts for the planning and design of mobility spaces. Regional stakeholders as well as users themselves are actively involved and the development of sustainable infrastructures and multimodal mobility chains is fostered.

Research Partners

In launching the IDS LOEWE Research Cluster, “Infrastructure—Design—Society,” the HfG Offenbach (University of Art and Design), the  TU Darmstadt (Technical University), the Frankfurt UAS (University of Applied Sciences), and the Goethe University Frankfurt have taken a major step towards pooling their various areas of expertise. This is vital, given that recent hi-tech developments have confronted the field of mobility space design with new challenges that can be overcome only from an interdisciplinary perspective. Accordingly, the four research partners are pursuing their work on mobility design in five distinct yet intersecting subclusters.


The Federal State of Hessen has granted LOEWE funding to the IDS Research Cluster for the period 2018–2021.

The LOEWE Research Initiatives Network

Our IDS LOEWE Research Cluster, “Infrastructure—Design—Society”, is a member of the LOEWE Research Initiatives Network.