10 December 2020 – Two research assistants at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences are working on the work packages “Requirements of cargo bikes for given infrastructure” and “Offering and user-friendliness of bicycle boxes in the Rhine-Main area” as part of the LOEWE research cluster “Infrastructure – Design – Society”/ project-mo.de. In order to estimate the requirements and user-friendliness of cargo bikes, a standard design vehicle was created at the beginning of the project.

A standard design vehicle is a theoretical “85% vehicle” that is intended to represent the majority of vehicles used in road traffic when, for example, the passability of the infrastructure is tested. The cargo bikes were measured during a visit to Goyago GmbH in Frankfurt-Sossenheim. The cargo bike center was founded by Goyago in 2018 to serve the high demand in the cargo bike market. The range in the cargo bike sector is continuously being expanded and includes both private and commercial cargo bikes.

Equipped with a folding rule and recording sheet, 15 different cargo bikes were measured. The overall length, height, width of the box and width of the handlebars were recorded. Subsequently, the dimensions of the 85% vehicle were calculated for the privately used cargo bikes. Overall, there were no major deviations for the cargo bikes in the private sector. The width of the box is 66 cm for the standard design vehicle. This width must be taken into account when examining the infrastructure, for example, when passing between bollards. The curve radius is to be recorded during a further survey.

In the further course of the work packages, the requirements of the standard design vehicle on the infrastructure are to be tested. In addition, expert interviews and surveys of cargo bike riders will follow.