Kai Vöckler was a weekly resident at Club Hybrid in Graz from June 21 to 27, 2021, together with Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten. Together they organized a one-week online workshop “Mobile Graz”, in which mobility contexts of this rapidly growing metropolitan region were visualized. The participants from Offenbach, Vienna and Graz also developed alternative mobility scenarios for Graz. The results were presented in an exhibition at Club Hybrid on June 26. In this context, a roundtable with local politicians from Graz and experts from the Graz University of Technology also took place.

The aim of the event was to make complex interrelationships in urban mobility understandable, to develop a basis for sustainable planning and thus also to contribute to the debate on the expansion of public transport.

Roundtable guests:

Gemeinderäte Judith Schwentner (Grüne), Manfred Eber (KPÖ), Georg Topf (ÖVP), Prof.‘in Aglaée Degros (Graz University of Technology, Institute of Urbanism), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Martin Fellendorf (Graz University of Technology, Institute of Highway Engineering and Transport Planning)


Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler, Amélie Ikas and Leo Neunzerling, Design Institute of Mobility and Logistics at the HfG Offenbach University of Art and Design
Stoiser Wallmüller Architekten (Vienna, Graz, Paris)