7 May 2020 – “Bike Offenbach”: this is the name under which the city of Offenbach’s measures for the promotion of cycle traffic are run. This also includes the expansion of the cycle streets. In 2018, a test track was built in Senefelderstraße, which was not only the subject of intensive social science research, but also examined from a design perspective: As part of the LOEWE focus Infrastructure – Design – Society (project-mo.de), designers at the HfG Offenbach University of Art and Design analysed the cycle street, developed solutions and evaluated them in cooperation with the mobility research group of the Goethe University Frankfurt. Supervised by Peter Eckart and Kai Vöckler Janina Albrecht and others worked on the development, validation and visualisation of design solutions for the test track, which can be transferred to other cycle streets. Her detailed documentation “Design- und Forschungsprojekt Fahrradstraßen: Mobilitätsdesign im Kontext von Verkehrswende, Aufenthaltsqualität und Intermodalität am Beispiel Offenbach am Main” is now available for download.