On Parking Day, September 16, 2022, students of the Department of Design presented their designs of a superblock for Offenbach’s Nordend. The designs developed in the Urban Design course (supervised by Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler and Dipl.-Des. Annika Storch in the summer semester) were shown in virtual reality and thus made walkable for interested parties. In this way, the discussion with the residents of the Nordend was sought and it was shown how a sustainably redesigned everyday mobility can contribute to an upgrading of the urban space.

The semester project was carried out in cooperation with the citizens’ initiative OFBlock, Prof. Dr. Jürgen Follmann (Transportation, University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt) and Prof. Peter Eckart (HfG) and was presented at the Parking Day in cooperation with the Verkehrsclub Deutschland (VCD) and the Quartiersmanagement Nordend.