Integriertes Verkehrs- und Mobilitätsmanagement der Region Frankfurt RheinMain

The aim of the ivm GmbH is to promote integrated transport and mobility management in the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region. The ivm GmbH intends to deliver guidelines for mobility design that will prove effective, sustainable, and fit for the future of the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region. To this end, the ivm is elaborating fundamental concepts as well as supporting and mediating those procedures necessary both to integrating approaches and aspirations in public policy proposals and to implementing concrete measures and solutions. Essential insights and findings will be documented and made available in a practicable form to shareholders and interested professionals in the field.

House of Logistics and Mobility

The House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) GmbH maintains an interdisciplinary logistics and mobility R&D and conference center in Frankfurt am Main.

At HOLM, business, science, and social institutions work together on innovations for the viable future of the logistics and mobility sectors. One goal–and tool–is to promote regional networks and cooperation between network partners in order to foster innovations in business and project development at the interfaces of logistics and mobility, and to put them firmly in the public eye.

The HOLM GmbH is both a project agent and a project developer, actively promoting economic development on behalf of the State of Hessen. Along with its network partners, the HOLM GmbH develops innovative event formats and realizes trendsetting projects at the state, federal, and EU levels. The HOLM GmbH strengthens the competitiveness of universities and research institutions as well as of businesses and start-ups throughout the region, thus effectively generating business ideas and jobs.

Whether in youth education and training, or in further and/or lateral entry tertiary education, the HOLM GmbH cooperates with local universities and research institutions as well as with business representatives on developing models and formats that will assure the future availability of qualified personnel—people equipped to meet the technological and conceptual demands of logistics and mobility in the future. The role of the Frankfurt Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region as a major logistics hub will thus be guaranteed and further developed, making it a flagship in this field.


The Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund [RMV; Rhine-Main Regional Transport Association] organizes a public transport (transit) system in an area covering two-thirds of the State of Hessen. The State of Hessen, fifteen administrative districts, and eleven member towns joined forces in the RMV in order to provide a single integrated regional and local public transport (transit) system. Daily, since 1995, the RVM in cooperation with local public transport (transit) providers has been delivering an integrated network for five million people in an area measuring 14,000 square kilometers.