The Mobility Design Graduate Colloquium was set up as part of the LOEWE Research Cluster “Infrastructure—Design—Society” (IDS). It brings together PhD candidates from faculties and universities involved in the research partnership. Interested young researchers at other institutions and with similar research interests are likewise welcome to take part, as associate members.

At the six several-hour events held each year, PhD candidates receive specialist input in the form of keynote speeches by selected researchers; present their own work to scholars and professionals in the relevant fields; and update each other on their scientific methodology, the progress of their work, and current prospects for an academic career. Event dates are announced in the relevant formats.

I, as in Impulse, sets the framework for motivational talks by guest speakers with proven expertise in the PhD candidates’ intersecting fields of research. These events are carefully prepared and scheduled so as to allow for insightful discussion of the topics covered in the preceding talks.

L, as in Lecture, is an opportunity to prepare and present an interim report on one’s own research project and thereby obtain valuable feedback from the Colloquium’s established scholars and peers.

C, as in Colloquium, provides a sheltered, informal framework for the mutual exchange of information, for independently organized study goals, and for clarification of the everyday questions and problems arising from the interplay of academic employment and the pursuit of one’s own research.

Furthermore, the Colloquium’s regular meetings foster an interdisciplinary network and thus ensure the flow of information regarding tenders, conferences, calls for papers, publication channels, and the like. Colloquium members benefit moreover from the PhD candidates’ support program (Graduiertenförderung) offered at the Architecture Faculty of the TU Darmstadt: the skill sets covered include writing academic papers, presentation techniques, and gaining cultural competence.

With currently eight members, inter alia from the fields of urban planning, transport planning, human geography, design, and computer science, the Colloquium is a lively fount of ideas and an interdisciplinary platform for young researchers interested in mobility research.

The Colloquium coordinator, Dr. Björn Hekmati, welcomes inquiries regarding either participation as an associate member or general organizational matters.

See also the homepage of URBANgrad at the TU Darmstadt.



12.03.2020 F wie Forschungsvorträge
Die Graduierten stellen ihre Vorhaben zur Diskussion
House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM), Frankfurt
fällt aus!

16.01.2020 K wie Kolleg
Vorbereitung Forschungsvorträge


14.11.2019 K wie Kolleg
Nachbereitung Re/set Konferenz und Organisation Winter

19.09.2019 I wie Impuls
Vortrag Silke Steets

06.06.2019 K wie Kolleg
Nachbereitung Forschungsvorträge und Organisation Sommer

28.02.2019 F wie Forschungsvorträge
Die Graduierten stellen ihre Vorhaben zur Diskussion
Holm Frankfurt

17.01.2019 K wie Kolleg
Vorbereitung und Proben für die Forschungsvorträge


18.10.2018 I wie Impuls
Vortrag Prof. Lutz Fügener (angefragt)

05.07.2018 K wie Kolleg
Forschungsbericht von Dr. Martin Köll
aus der Forschungsgruppe Urban Health Games

21.06.2018 I wie Impuls
Vortrag „Produktsprache“ von Dr. Thilo Schwer

17.05.2018 K wie Kolleg
Strukturelle Entscheidungen und inhaltliche Justierung

23.04.2018 Kickoff

13.03.2018 Erstes Meeting
Konstituierende Sitzung
HFG Offenbach