Photo: Uwe Dettmar / Goethe-Universität

SOCIETY Research Subcluster

The SOCIETY Research Subcluster turns the spotlight on individual mobility in interaction with existing transport (transit) systems and their attendant infrastructures. The overarching aim thereby is to identify and develop sustainable design approaches apt to foster environmentally friendly mobility behaviors. In the framework of this Research Subcluster, theoretical and conceptual contributions will be made to explaining how mobility design affects both the incidence of traffic and behavior modification. In addition, the collation of quantitative empirical data on mobility patterns and design-focused interventions within a selected cross-section of the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region will be planned, carried out, and evaluated. The monitoring and evaluation of said interventions, in particular from psychological and socio-scientific perspectives, will be undertaken in cooperation with our research partners. The intention is to formulate policy and design recommendations based on these research findings and thus to further develop theoretical models for mobility behaviors.

The Research Subcluster comprises Prof. Dr. Martin Lanzendorf, Dr. Hannah Müggenburg, and Andreas Blitz, who are all members of the Mobility Research Working Group at the  Institute of Human Geography at the Goethe University Frankfurt.