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A core research issue for the Multimedia Communication Lab at the TU Darmstadt is how to promote environmentally friendly multimodal mobility behavior in playful ways.

One approach is to draw on so-called Serious Games, i.e. games that offer added value, above and beyond their “fun factor.” For example, “Good Health” games promote prevention and rehabilitation while “Social Awareness” and “Social Impact” games use play to heighten awareness and understanding of important social issues—security, religion, energy, the climate, and the like—and, potentially, also to change people’s attitudes to them. In cooperation with the New Mobility working group at the Frankfurt UAS and design experts at the HfG Offenbach, the Serious Games working group at the TU Darmstadt is devising a “Sliced Serious Game” that promotes environmentally friendly multimodal mobility behaviors. A prototype in the form of an app is to be tested with the help of the LOEWE Research Cluster target groups.

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The conceptual issues arising within this research encompass the design of an accessible, motivational game world set in an urban context; and the provision of locally relevant playful elements suitable for game-playing in bus or rail networks, or by pedestrians, and the content and interactive scope of which can be adapted to the relevant mode of transport, also when users change from one transport mode to another. “Context-aware” concepts for sensor-driven recognition of users’ current activities and transport modes are under development. The aim is to attain a better recognition rate than Google’s Awareness API app, for example, and more specifically, to be able to better differentiate between various forms of motorized transport.