24 July, 2020 – Pre-Test Cognition Design

In the research project “Cognition Design”, which arose out of the project-mo.de context, designers from the Offenbach University of Art and Design together with cognitive psychologists from the Scene Grammar Lab of the Goethe University Frankfurt conducted the first pre-test with the virtual twin of an S-Bahn station.

VR simulations have the potential to better convey the actual effect of designs and plans to users than traditional forms of presentation such as renderings or plans. Cognitive psychological tests with test persons in virtual reality are planned. Eye-tracking will be used to find out how travellers orient themselves in underground mobility spaces, especially in VR simulations. 10 S-Bahn stations can be walked through and experienced for the testings. Is it possible to gain insights into design principles for mobility from this?

The Cognition Design project (HA project no. 817/19-137) is funded by the State of Hesse and the “House of Logistics and Mobility” (HOLM) as part of the measure “Innovations in Logistics and Mobility” of the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing.