Martin Knöll, born 1981, is a junior professor of Urban Health Games and acting head of the Faculty of Design and Urban Planning at the TU Darmstadt. Dr. Knöll directs transdisciplinary cooperative ventures between urban planners, IT experts, and health experts, the goal of which is to meet the global challenges posed by demographic shifts, inclusion, mental health, and changes in lifestyles and mobility patterns.

Martin Knöll graduated in Architecture and Urban Planning from the University of Stuttgart in 2007 and gained his PhD there in 2012 with a dissertation on health-oriented urbanism. He has been a guest lecturer at the Lansdown Centre for Electronic Arts, Middlesex University, London, and a post-PhD candidate on the Principles of Architecture program at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Since 2013 Dr. Knöll has led the University Industry Collaborative (UNICO) at the TU Darmstadt, a next-generation interdisciplinary scholars’ group straddling two programs: Design and Urban Planning and Multimedia Communications.

Current Research

In addition to project, current research includes inter alia the organization of the DFG-funded international workshop “Accessible Hubs;” coordination of the EU/DAAD-funded strategic partnership PreHealth, the goal of which is to promote health and fitness in urban green and blue infrastructures in four European cities; a cooperative venture to improve barrier-free access to the Frankurter Buchmesse; and, in cooperation with Novo Nordisk and the Deutsche Diabetes Stiftung [Diabetes Foundation of Germany], research into which urban factors influence young people’s (lack of) fitness activities and diabetes therapy.

Tasks within project–

Prof. Dr. Knöll is head of the CITY Research Subcluster and a member of the IDS LOEWE Research Cluster management board.


Urban Health Games Research Group
Faculty Architecture
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