In September 2007 Petra Schäfer was appointed Chair for Transport Planning at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, where she leads the New Mobility Working Group in Faculty 1 (Architecture, Civil Engineering, Geomatics). Her work has since revolved around mobility behaviors and public acceptance of new technologies in transport.  It brings together experts in transport planning, transport technologies, and urban planning.

On the pilot scheme, “Electromobility in the Rhine-Main Metropolitan Region,” Petra Schäfer directs a complementary program of socio-scientific research, namely acceptance surveys and mobility analyses on behalf of various projects.

In addition, she is vice-director of the Zentrum für Logistik, Mobilität und Nachhaltigkeit (ZLMN; Center for Logistics, Mobility, and Sustainability) at the Frankfurt UAS.

Tasks within project–

Prof. Dr. Petra Schäfer is head of the TRANSPORT Research Subcluster as well as vice-spokesperson for the IDS Loewe Research Cluster management board.


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Research Group New Mobility
Faculty 1: Architecture – Civil Engineering – Geomatics
Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences