Prof. Peter Eckart graduated in Product Design from the University of Fine Arts Hamburg. Along with Bernd Hilpert, his partner in the Frankfurt company unit-design GmbH, he develops design projects for international businesses and public institutions. In 2000 Eckart was appointed Chair for Integrated Design at the HfG Offenbach and serves as vice-president of the HfG. Since 2014 he has directed the Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics (DML) in cooperation with Georg-Christof Bertsch and Kai Vöckler. The same trio launched this IDS Research Cluster, which was selected for funding by the State of Hessen’s LOEWE program for the promotion of research.

Tasks within project–

Prof. Eckart is head of the DESIGN Research Subcluster, together with Prof. Dr. Vöckler, and a member of the IDS LOEWE Research Cluster management board.


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