For about a year, Nassauische Heimstätte | Wohnstadt (NHW) has been testing new mobility services in five pilot neighborhoods: Here, e-cargo bikes and e-cars can be rented at low cost via an app. As part of a funded project, students at HfG Offenbach developed various communication concepts for this in a seminar led by Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler: How can these offers be better communicated, how can more people be convinced of the benefits of shared transportation? In a competition organized by the NHW, the concept “Mobility as easy as child’s play …” by student Cornelia Stehling was particularly convincing. It is now being implemented in collaboration with NHW and Urban Media Project.

The starting point for the concept is the observation that sharing services are rather unfamiliar to many people.  It seems too complicated for them to use a cargo bike or a car-sharing vehicle for certain trips. How can new mobility become more accessible, more familiar, more plausible for as many groups as possible? Cornelia Stehling’s communication concept relies on a playful approach: Balloons are used to make the service visible and known in public spaces. Its potential benefits become immediately visible. At the same time, the new mobility appears light and carefree. Especially through children, for example, parents are addressed – mobility as easy as child’s play!

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