As part of the LOEWE research project “Infrastructure – Design – Society” (, employees of the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences rode the Frankfurt-Darmstadt cycle expressway with 15 members of the long-running focus group of on August 19, 2021. The organization and moderation of the meeting was done by Petra Schäfer and Nicole Reinfeld. As an external presenter and as a contact person for the feasibility studies of cycle expressways in the region, Antje Quitta from the Regionalverband participated in the driving tour.
For the ride, the participants were asked to imagine using the cycle expressway daily as a commuting route and accordingly to ride at a brisk pace and not to chat. At the service station at the Erzhausen S-Bahn station, one of two intermediate stops followed, where the experiences made and first impressions could be exchanged and discussed. The participants perceived a sign in the middle of the road, a sharp edge and the intersection with a road as obstacles. They positively highlighted participants the riding experience, the width of the lane, handholds at the intersection, and the lighting.
Just before the end of the ride, there was a short presentation by Antje Quitta and a question and answer session. In her presentation, she discussed future developments and further cycle expressway projects. In addition to the projects, general framework conditions that must be fulfilled in order to be able to build a cycle expressway were also presented.

Text: Nicole Reinfeld, Frankfurt UAS
Photos: Jonas Hamann, Frankfurt UAS