24 June 2020 – The semester project INBETWEEN in the winter semester 2019/2020 dealt with “in-between” situations and processes of travel: from the moment of entering a station to the moment of boarding the train. The cooperation project with Deutsche Bahn AG was supervised by Knut Völzke, Deputy Professor of Integrative Design at the HfG Offenbach, together with Julian Schwarze, research assistant from project-mo.de, who supervised the students’ work.

Mobility with public transport always creates a rhythm of movement and lingering on the travellers’ path. We pass through mobility spaces, look around, go to shops in the station area or look for a place to wait – we linger for a short time until our train arrives. In doing so, we move through a sequence of interspaces: halls, corridors, stairs, elevators, levels – places of mobility.

How can mobility spaces in stations contribute to the positive experience of mobility? What role do spatial layout and spatial structure, zoning, colour, surface and material play and, in connection with this, lighting, acoustics and information?

Positive experiences can be created through design concepts. Effortless orientation and short-term waiting are essential building blocks of mobility, which are re-examined through the integrating design of process, space, information and product. Especially in times of corona, a safe flow of mobility and ensuring distances/ avoiding crowds play an important role.

As a framework and exemplary location, actual and target conditions at the central station Frankfurt am Main are examined.

Supervising Professor:

V.- Prof. Knut Völzke

Supervising research associates:

Dipl.-Des. Julian Schwarze
Dipl.-Des. Kai Dreyer

Research assistant:

Lukas Porstner