Our task as part of the ProLOEWE science rally to design a road or means of transportation of the future inspired Amelie O. from Bad Nauheim, one of our two stage winners:inside, to build a road of the future using the computer game Minecraft. The focus is on bicycle and pedestrian traffic: The bicycle and pedestrian paths are upgraded and made more interesting by greening them. Traffic circles and crosswalks instead of traffic lights will make it easier for cyclists and pedestrians to get around and also safer on dedicated, wide and delineated paths. Car traffic is subject to speed limits and even tolls on certain roads – the barriers also slow down traffic. Amelie is skeptical about a climate-neutral means of transportation beyond cycling and walking; after all, the production of e-cars, for example, also involves resource consumption and emissions. For her, however, the expansion of the rail network for faster and cheaper public transport has potential.

Congratulations, Amelie!