Proposed PhD Thesis (Summary)

Thomas Tregel’s PhD thesis is rooted in the field of “social competition” in player groups and in analysis of the largely unbalanced or only locally optimized content of pervasive games.

Under examination are current criteria for the optimal generation of game content and its dynamic adaptation to respective users, as well as how best to meet those criteria. To this end, context information is compiled with the aid of the context-aware sensory gadgets now available in the smartphone-based games sector. These use data fusion, inertial sensor technology, and further activatable sensors and services in order to collate information about mobility behaviors or influential external factors in the immediate environment.

He finished his thesis successfully at the beginning of 2021.

Task within project–

Thomas Tregel is a research scholar in the TECHNOLOGY Research Subcluster.


Research group Serious Games
Multimedia Communications Lab
Technical University Darmstadt