4 September 2020 – The research project “Cognition Design” lead by Prof. Peter Eckart (HfG Offenbach) and Prof. Dr. Melissa Le-Hoa Vo (Goethe University Frankfurt) has presented its work for the first time to professional public at “Innovationsmarktplatz” (marketplace of innovations) in the House of Logistics and Mobility (HOLM) in Frankfurt. “Cognition Design” is a cooperation of the disciplines Mobility Design at HfG Offenbach and Cognitive Psychology at Goethe University Frankfurt to test user’s perception in virtual mobility stations. By means of eye-tracking the objective is to identify how travellers orientate in underground mobility spaces, especially if simulated by Virtual Reality. Ten different virtual metro stations have been designed for this, in which the closeness to reality, architecture and other environment variables such as light or colour can be changed. Pre-tests have been very promising, shortly subject-testing will be started!

The Cognition Design project (HA-Projekt-Nr. 817/19-137) is funded by the State of Hesse and the “House of Logistics and Mobility” (HOLM) as part of the measure “Innovations in Logistics and Mobility” of the Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Housing, State of Hesse.