How can travelers use different mobility services ‘seamlessly’? A new information cube at the Offenbach-Marktplatz station facilitates orientation on the way from the bus to the S-Bahn or vice versa, based on a design by a team from the Design Institute for Mobility and Logistics at HfG Offenbach.

A comprehensible information staggering can be thought of in two directions – arriving and departing passengers. Departing passengers simply want to reach the right train and perhaps buy a snack. Depending on the time buffer, they decide when to line up to wait at the track. Arriving passengers may want to catch the next connection. At Offenbach-Marktplatz station, two information systems (that of the train and that of the buses) require design transitions in the transfer zone of the B level between the S-Bahn level and the city level. This is now provided by the Info Cube, where the information and its quantity is adapted to the respective positioning in the mobility chain.

The Info Cube is one of the elements DB is using to shape the transformation of Offenbach-Marktplatz station into the “station of the future”.


Dipl.-Des. Julian Schwarze (project management)
Dipl.-Des. Kai Dreyer
Dipl.-Des. Anna-Lena Moeckl
Dipl.-Des. Mervyn Bienek
Luke Handon (Student Assistant)
Prof. Peter Eckart
Prof. Dr. Kai Vöckler